Psychotharapy or Coaching

Self-paying customers have the choice between psychotherapy and coaching. Please check the following overwiev about main differences.

Psychotherapy Coaching
... diagnosis of a psychic disorder is necessary ... no diagnosis necessary
objective is a treatment of a psychycic disorder objective is personal development, prevention, finding solutions for actual tasks
psychological know-how of a therapist is needed double qualification: psychological and business know-how of the coach is needed
costs of 98 EUR to 110,50 EUR per 50 minutes therapy session according to german law of healing practicioners costs of 150 EUR to 250 EUR per 60 minutes coaching session depending on the qualification of the coach
no VAT additional VAT of 19%
refundable by private insurance if you have the proper tariff no refund by any insurance
not tax deductable might be tax deductable as an occupational coaching

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