The inner mother and "her" influence in important entrepreneurial decisions

Mother shapes us genetically, prenatal and through education. The mother object has been implemented as an inner picture in us and during time grew, differentiated and was established as a schema. Also the mother-child-relationship is represented in an inner drama with powerful impact. As adults these inner pictures constantly influence our decisions. Using guided imagery to analyze a decision (i.e. the landscape before and across a bridge) the influence of the inner mother can become conscious by selective activation (mother appears) and deactivation (mother gets all her needs fulfilled) of the inner mother object. First results in client situation show that to become aware of these influences can lead to different evaluation and decision. This method can help clients to decide in a way that meets their self within a self individuation process. Also in some cases the mother object is discovered as a resource.

Project Status: Empirical tests finished. In publication.


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