The influence of inner picture of parents of an entrepreneur to success, employee's illness and burn-out

In 2012/2013 we interviewed corporate leaders of companies in Berlin about their family, business expectations, satisfaction, business numbers and average number of staff ill. In this explorative study no statically significant correlations could be found between most variables. It is especially interesting, that no correlation could be found between success of the company and satisfaction of the boss. However we found a moderate correlation between the dominant parent of the entrepreneur, expectations (targets for employees) and number of staff ill: Entrepreneurs with a dominant mother set reasonable expectations and have less number of staff ill while entrepreneurs with a dominant father set very high targets, are less satisfied and have a higher number of staff ill. In both groups (dominant father, dominant mother) we had the same proportion of objective successful and non-successful companies. We assume that entrepreneurs with a dominant father try to compete with their inner father and tend to overburden their employees. Because employees of companies (in contrast to freelancers and self-employed people) have a higher occurrence of pathological super-ego structures, health/illness is more correlated to the satisfaction of the boss ("parent") than to the objective success in the market.

Status: Explorative study finished, follow-up in preparation


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