Prices for psychotherapy for private clients

We charge €110,50 for each of the first two session (50 minutes) per month and €98 for any additional session within the same month. Additional taxes are not applicable. So the toatal costs per month will be €417 for a treatment of 4 sessions per month. This price is based on a single session with one individual held at our office. If you are unable to attend an appointment, we require 24 hours' notice. Failure to give the required notice will result in a charge for the full session fee.


For psychotherapy consultation at our practice it is necessary to enter into a treatment contract, which obligates you to bear the costs. The terms of your insurance policy will determine whether the costs can be reimbursed by your health insurance company. Since our practice operates according to the German Non-Medical Practitioners Act, we are only permitted to charge for treatment provided by non-medical practitioners. Unfortunately, these costs are not covered under the statutory health insurance scheme. Whether or not private health insurance companies assume responsibility for the costs for non-medical practitioners can vary considerably according to the individual policy. Please contact your health insurance company to ascertain whether treatment by non-medical practitioners is included in your policy.

Prices for Coaching

For business coaching of mentally healthy clients we charge 150 EUR per hour (60 min.) plus VAT for an experienced coach. For coaching by a psychologist with training in depth psychology we charge 200 EUR per hour (60 min.) plus VAT. For coaching from Prof. Kretschmar we charge 250 EUR per hour (60 min.) plus VAT.


For packages of more than 20 hours we offer disconts.

Prices for corporate clients

Our work with companies requires a consultancy agreement, to stipulate the size of the team, the number of consultancy days per week and the duration of the project.


We invite you to visite us or we offer to visite you in your company to discuss your needs.

Training courses for therapists

Please refer to the relevant training course for details on the prices.

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