Coaching with (sub-)conscious

Today corporate work is mainly driven by structured cognitive thinking. We have been trained to analyze, name our targets and priorities and to work in that direction. Nevertheless, markets and business partners sometimes behave differently from what we expect. Such a behavior we often call arbitrary or non-comprehensible. We seem to be overburdened by our tasks. In fact the behavior of others follow clear mechanisms and rules, but not those of logic! Behavior of our business partners is influenced by their subconscious needs and schemas established in early childhood and quite often influenced by us.


In many decades scientifically proofed methods have been developed to become aware of subconscious coherency in ourself and others. These methods have been developed for psychotherapy in a clinical context in the first place. Recently the same methods gain more and more importance in consulting of organizations and coaching of mentally healthy clients.


For Mind Institute we define coaching as a mental process for mentally healthy clients within the high quality standards of clinical therapy. Our own experience both as coaches/therapists and entrepreneurs enables us to quickly understand your company and your personal situation.


During our coaching process you will learn to use both hemispheres of your brain: left/logical and right/creative. Via guided imagery our coaches can stimulate you to develop day dreams. You will make a journey within your inner pictures to discover your creative potential and resources. Other techniques will enhance your communications skills and your conscious perception. You will get access to formerly subconscious material that quite often represents the major part of information exchanged in a company. After subconscious material becomes conscious a solution becomes obvious. Suddenly we understand why markets and business partners behave like they do and why we behave like we do.


Besides that, methods in Mind Institute have a calming relaxing effect. Stress hormones and tensions can be reduced. Stressful affects from the past can be reactivated, experienced and re-evaluated.


Case examples from Coaching


Our clients use our expertise for various questions in business and social life where psychological competence is needed; such as:

  • acute stress
  • personality development
  • training of psychological methods
  • issues in the family
  • psychological backing of large changes in companies such as strategical realignment, change, succession plan for the entrepreneur
  • team development
  • mediation
  • metal health in the company


Commitment to Quality Standards


Coaching is personal intimate work. We are subject to professional discretion according to German law (203 StGB). More important client and coach should like and except each other and look forward to their next session. Therfore at Mind Institute we selected consultants not only with an excellent training but also with the necessary personality. We ensure the quality of our work by the following:

  • all coaches are also licensed therapists with many years of routine both in psychotherapy and coaching.
  • regular further trainings
  • supervision
  • customer surveys
  • ethical code according to the high standards of DCV (German Coaching Association)

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